These panels are used for acoustical treatment of different premises, ignoring the negative influence of the standing waves and other acoustic characteristics of indoor. Our panels are combining both adsorption and diffraction, so they can be used in almost any room and no more special acoustical treatment will be needed. They can be mounted on the walls, or they can also stand alone with the help of the included feet. Usually one small room ( to 10-14sq/m ) needs four A-size panels ( 150x50cm ) to achieve the desired effect. Two of the panels must be put behind and between the loudspeakers and two – positioned on the side walls, where the sound wave hits the wall. In bigger rooms are needed more panels, depending of the size and the shape of the room.
Of course, we are offering full acoustical treatment of premises. This is a matter of a separate offer, depending your needs and expectations.

Prices on request