High-end ECOBOX absorption feet for audio components


Set of Three pieces
These are designed to reduce resonances and micro vibrations, by playback of music, appearing both at low and at high volume levels. The combination of the body of birch plywood, treated with special oils, brass insert, special balls of hardened stainless steel and thick silicone oil (factor 30 000 or 50 000) lead to almost complete reduction of all micro-vibrations. By the playback of digital media (CD) using the feet leads to a drastic reduction of the so called “jittering”, which is heard as a “clarification” of the musical picture, better positioning of the instruments, expansion of the picture and analog sound as a whole. Using the legs at a turntable leads to “tightness” of the low-frequency range and greater detail in the middle and high frequency spectrum. It also improves the overall tonal balance. Using the feet gives good results also by preamps, RIAA pre-amplifiers and other audio equipment.

How to use:

Open the attached package with silicone oil;
Distribute evenly amount of silicone oil in the three brass inserts;
Carefully place the balls of stainless steel in the inserts, without squeezing them and wait a few seconds;
Place the feet under the audio equipment, two in the front side, and one – at the back side, under the appliance;
Enjoy the music as you have never heard it !!!
These are hand-crafted products!!! Delivery term is about three weeks after clear payment.
Available colors:
– Natural Birch
– Oak Antique
– At the request of the customer (additional fee)

Prices on request