Open baffle dipole true ribbon loudspeakers “A Priori”

We are proud to present our new open baffle dipole true ribbon loudspeakers – A Priori!
Amazing bass performance, gentle mids and dynamic heights, enormous power handling and fidelity in every detail… you will be really amazed.
Sensitivity 92dB/2.83V,

Nominal impedance 4Ω,

Frequency response 32Hz – 34kHz by 0, -3dB, 20Hz-54kHz by 0,-10dB.

Maximum power handling – 250W.


The designer

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Dipole hi-end open baffle speakers “Daydream”

Tri-band system with two 15 “bass drivers, six mid range drivers and one ribbon high-frequency driver.

Sensitivity 91dB/2.83V, Nominal impedance 4Ω, Frequency response 34Hz – 34kHz by 0, -3dB, 21Hz-54kHz by 0,-10dB. Maximum power handling – 250W.

These speakers are using both half-waves – front and back to give to the listener very detailed and pure music expression. You wouldn’t believe what a coherent and liquid base can be produced from this open baffle system, it will shake you from inside! The stage is wide, with very tight body, slightly separated and fine positioned instruments. The vocals are detailed and smooth, the cymbals will make you believe, you’re on the stage….

The “Daydream” speakers will make you dream….

In the beginning we had the intention to make a DIFFERENT SPEAKERS.

( Not conventional ones )
Speakers that must look like a supermodel.

Speakers that have the power of a MMA wrestler.

Speakers, which some one can listen with his 2 Watts SE tube amplifier.

Speakers, which someone can listen with his 300 Watts Class A solid state mono blocks.

Speakers, which can be used in someone’s small room.

Speakers, which can be used in someone’s penthouse 400sq/m loft.

Speakers, that must handle the Vivaldi’s Four seasons.

Speakers, that must handle the amazing guitar of Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Speakers, that must handle the beautiful voice of Diana Krall.

Speakers, that must handle the titanic base of 50 Cent’s P.I.M.P.

Speakers, that must handle the great chaos of Slayer and the brutal voice of Barney from Napalm Death….

Now you can feel them!

They are real!

This are your Daydreams …..

The designer

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CATHARSIS – Closer to the music !

High fidelity three-way floor standing loudspeakers
Sensitivity 89dB/2.83V,
Nominal impedance 6Ω,
Frequency response 40Hz – 40kHz by 0, -3dB,
Maximum power handling – 150W,
10” Woofer in closed volume ( for each loudspeaker ) with floor boundary radiation reinforcement,
5” Midrange driver in „Open-back tube” including uniform damping,
Back side response from 200hz to 1.2kHz,
True ribbon high frequency driver,
Measures: Height 1140mm, Width 210mm, Depth 350mm, Weight – 23kg. each,
Finished in natural oak veneer. Possible coloration in different colours by client’s order – solid or transparent.
Audio feet are sold separately and are not a part form the offered loudspeakers. For maximum performance, we recommend the use of our audio feet

Recommended minimum listening distance – 2m. Optimum listening distance – 2.5m.

The speakers are handcrafted to achieve maximum fidelity and to make you feel the concert hall in your home!
The optimal bass performance, given from two 10” drives, allows you to feel the base not only with your ears, but also with your whole body. The midrange is very smooth and airy, with no audible distortions. The used “Open back tube” system allows you to listen also to the back wave, produced from the midrange driver. This gives you the feeling of big realism and very, very closed to the reality sound, including incredible micro-detail, wide scene and unbelievable instrument separation. The performance of the high frequency “True ribbon” driver, produced by RAAL, is also very clean and reaches above 40 kHz. This makes the whole music picture very rich and natural, without no coloration and other negatives of the standard produced three-way floor standers.

Live your own CATHARSIS, stay closer to the music!

Price – on request.

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