Stuffing binary stands for audio applications

St2_1111Serve to reduce harmful resonances and micro vibrations when playing music. The combination of wood body, treated with special oils and EC2 composite leading to almost complete reduction of harmful for proper playback micro vibrations and resonances. By the playback of digital media (CD) using the stand leads to a drastic reduction of so called “Jittering”. The stand’s use leads also to “clarification” of the musical picture better positioning of individual instruments, expanding the picture and analog sound as a whole. When using the stand by a turntable, you will hear improving and “tightness” of the low-frequency range and greater detail in middle and high frequency spectrum. It also improves overall tonal balance. Using the stand gives good results and preamps, RIAA correctors, filters and other audio equipment.

This is a hand crafted product!

St4_1Това е ръчно изработено изделие!
One set includes:
One stand, three wooden feet and three balls of stainless steel. ( Additional you can order also hree rubber pads, made from Absodan );
How to use:
Place your feet on a flat surface;
Put the attached balls in hollowed purpose holes in the legs;
Carefully stand on three balls;
Place the rubber pads over the three holes at the ends of the stand;
Insert the audio component on the stand;
Enjoy the music as you have never heard of her !!!



Available colors and materials:

– Oak array in two colors – Natural Oak and Antique (36 mm thickness of the stand)

– Spruce array in two colors – Natural and Antique (36 mm thickness of the stand)

– Birch multilayer material – Natural and Antique (24 mm thickness of the stand)

– In combination on request (against a extra charge)

Stands are made of two solid pieces of wood and cast in specially carved volume composite material. When taping the two parts, the composite can be closed between them, so that they are not visible. Exceptions are stands of birch multilayer material where the composite is always visible and the goal is colored red. In all types of racks used the same composite material Akto its ratio to the wood fibers (by weight) was 20% (± 3%).